Tendências is a reference in solutions in economics and corporate finance. Our commitment is to help clients understand economic issues and navigate the specifics of the most varied sectors, identifying risks and opportunities for business and investments. Get to know some types of work we do and get in touch to find out how we can help you.

In the field of law and economics, Tendências has vast experience in supporting major law firms and legal departments in litigations and arbitrations, both in Brazil and abroad, with economic and financial analyses and opinion reports. 

Trade, administrative, and regulatory disputes in the corporate world often involve complex economic and financial issues. Settling these issues requires being objective, well-informed, experiencedand scientifically rigorous. Our expert opinions help our clients make their case, combining technical diligence and clear, explanatory language. 

After years of partnerships with some of the country’s most important law firms and with legal departments of major companies, Tendências has also gained extensive experience in antitrust cases 

Having been involved in several important cases, we have acquired in-depth technical knowledge in merger and anti-competitive behavior analysis, particularly in cartel proceedings. 

We are the only economic consulting firm in Latin America to have been included in the Global Competition Review’s GRC 100 list. 

Tendências’ law and economics expertise also allows us to provide expert economic evidence, offering our clients technical support and helping them understand economic and financial issues that are critical in legal dispute negotiations. 


For some economically relevant markets to function properly and to eliminate their distortionsit is imperative that particular industries and activities be fairly regulated. Technological advances and the modernization of business models often require changes in the legislation governing industry practices. 

Tendências prepares economic studies to inform market assessment projects or to substantiate tariff revision discussions and requests for economic and financial rebalancing, in addition to assisting in public consultations and providing expert opinions in regulatory proceedingsjust to name a few examples of our work in this domain. We have ample experience in business sectors such as energy, telecommunications, finance (banks, insurance companies, credit card companies), and transport (toll road concessionaires). 

Tendências produces corporate finance solutions that help add value to your business. The integrated work of our firm’s departments makes it possible to combine financial analysis and economic intelligence to quickly and efficiently assess highly complex operations. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience drawing strategic scenarios for new enterprises, with detailed economic and financial forecasts (business plan), as well as financial capacity, optimal capital structure (debt-to-capital ratios), and economic and financial feasibility analyses. 

Relying on a specialized staff, Tendências offers corporate finance solutions to inform business decisions regarding investment, divestment or reorganization. Analytical independence, technical rigor, and the ability to integrate economic analysis and financial modeling are some of the factors that set our work apart. 

We prepare studies and assessments designed to assist companies in their financial planning and merger and acquisition negotiations, as well as to support their decisions in stockholder disputes or other types of litigation. Our analyses are also used in formal in-house presentations or investment plans and in expert assessment reports required by law or regulation. 

Our work developing market simulators allows clients to understand how specific economic sectors will develop—in terms of production, prices and sales—as relevant economic variables change. It also helps them estimate how their consumers and competitors will react to variations in price or income. 

These custom-tailored simulators can be programed for ease of use so that the client himself can operate our mathematical and statistic models, changing the underlying hypotheses and viewing the results firsthand. 

Different outlooks can be offered for the Brazilian economy when political and economic assumptions interact. To help companies plan for the future and make better decisions, Tendências offers its economic scenarios, a solution that includes analyses of and forecasts for the trends in macroeconomic variables such as GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, exchange rate, interest rate, and creditamong othersover a 10-year horizon. 

Projections are presented in three different scenarios (baseline, optimistic, and pessimistic), which may be customized to conform with the client’s own premises and requirements.  

What’s more, we offer scenarios broken down by geographic region, by state, and by the most important economic sectors, including forecasts for GDP and income, as well as credit and income by level of earnings, providing a better understanding of the different regional performances and prospects. 

If you need to know how recent social and political events affect the economy, Tendências systematically monitors and provides short-term forecasts for political, economic, and industry scenarios, as well as how these affect Brazil’s growth and the development of its most important economic sectors. 

We provide clear, concise analyses of the political and economic factors at play domestically and overseas, as well as their impacts on the main macroeconomic and industry variables, based on econometric models and scenario-building techniques. This allows our client to anticipate market movements and economic trends—a valuable asset in corporate decision-making. 

Tendências appears regularly in the Brazilian Central Bank’s TOP 5 list of institutions with the most accurate macroeconomic forecasts. 

Optimizing business strategies involves carefully building forward-looking scenarios for your company’s supply management and procurement intelligence departments. Tendências prepares customized price forecast models for inputs—including commodities, manufactured goods, and services—whose prices are set either by the free market or by predetermined regulatory guidelines. In every case, we conduct an initial technical feasibility study to determine whether adequate forecasts for the inputs and outputs of interest to the client can be obtained. 

For over ten years, Tendências’ work has been a guiding light for the strategic decisions of corporate groups that need to plan for different operations scattered across Brazil, as well as companies that operate in specific geographic areas but need to understand the economic dynamics of those areas in greater depth, seeing as they may behave quite differently from the average for the country. 

Our solutions allow the client to understand these different behaviors and forecast accordingly. They provide key operational and strategic-planning information both for companies operating in more than one Brazilian region, and for those focusing on a specific region or industry. 

In addition to a wide array of forecasts for Brazil’s five geopolitical regions, Tendências also prepares economic activity projections for each of the country’s 26 states and the Federal District. 

Since 2015, Tendências has overseen the technical side of the survey behind the State Competitiveness Ranking List. Created by the Center for Public Leadership (CLP), this is an important tool to analyze and guide local governments in an effort to promote good public management practices. The list is an in-depth study on the current state of several pillars of public policy and how they are developing in each Brazilian state. 

Moreover, to help clients manage the risk from being exposed to government entities, Tendências offers a fiscal and financial monitor of Brazilian states and municipalities, designed to track and forecast the trend of these entities’ budgets 

Understanding how the country’s political and economic dynamics will work in the next few years is essential for companies to plan ahead and make their decisions. 

To meet this need, Tendências’ analysts and partners deliver talks and presentations at corporate events, whether for employees only or for outside guests.  

Our presentations may include macroeconomic, industry-related or region-specific variables, depending on what the client requires 

We also hold in-company training workshops. 

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