Expertise in Political Analysis

We offer services to assist in understanding the country’s political issues and their consequences in the economic scenario and business environment.

In election years, we analyze party strategies, follow electoral polls, and design economic scenarios by candidates.

We regularly follow the agenda for economic reforms in the Executive and Legislative branches. In case of specific regulatory and legislative changes, our analysis can be delivered in a personalized way, according to each client’s needs.

Macroeconomics and Politics

We systematically monitor the events that allow us to offer a brief and clear analysis in the political and economic spheres, both domestically and internationally, and their impacts on the main macroeconomic variables. This enables clients to anticipate market movements and economic trends, making it easier to take decisions.

Our follow-up covers:

  • Economic activity
  • Inflation
  • Monetary Policy
  • Public accounts
  • Foreign accounts
  • International scenario

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