We offer economic and financial advice in legal, arbitration, administrative and tax proceedings, supporting our clients and their lawyers through the preparation of legal opinions, reports and economic studies, while also providing technical assistance in financial investigations and examinations.

We provide a personalized service according to the specific needs of each client, and in partnership with law firms and legal advisors. Our experts are committed to providing technical guidance, and producing impartial, clear, and straightforward results.

Valuation of legal actions

We carry out the valuation of assets related to the acquisition and recovery of non-performing loans (NPL), arbitrations and processes through the utilization of usual economic-financial valuation methodologies or econometric estimation methods of compensations to be received.


We elaborate legal reports, technical notes, calculations, and simulations, as well as guidance on technical conduct (economic and financial) in disputes between agents with different interests involving contractual, corporate, administrative and tax disputes, of an arbitral, civil, or criminal nature.

  • Judicial
  • Arbitration
  • Administrative
  • Tax

Trade defense

We study the effects of unfair practices on international trade, notably dumping and subsidies. We analyze how these policies impact the market, the industry, and the domestic consumer, supporting the application of trade defense instruments according to the fundamentals of the World Trade Organization (WTO):

  • Unfair trade practice 

  • Causation and Damages

  • Anti-dumping or countervailing measure

  • Public interest analysis

Competition defense

We offer a wide range of theoretical and empirical economic analysis (use of big data, machine learning) on competitive issues involving mergers and acquisitions (competitive and divestment risk analysis; definition and sizing of the relevant market; scenario simulations, etc.), antitrust litigation (exclusionary conduct, vertical restraints, abuse of dominant position, collusion, etc.), among others.

We have considerable experience in estimating damages in antitrust matters, as well as providing technical advice in remedial actions.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Anti-competitive conduct
  • Calculation of Damages 

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Regulatory studies

We operate in the most diverse regulated sectors, developing studies for Regulatory Impact Analysis (AIR) and Regulatory Performance Assessment (RPA). We build scenarios and projections both for internal planning and for critical evaluation of public consultations and dialogues with regulatory agencies, in addition to executive and legislative bodies and higher courts.


  • Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)
  • Regulatory Performance Assessment (RPA)
  • Market Studies
  • Public Police Analysis
  • Advice on government relations

Socioeconomic and financial studies to analyze the feasibility of a project or public policy and identifying its social, economic and tax impacts.

  • Legislative agenda consultancy
    Analysis of bills and regulatory standards to evaluate the intended results and those effectively obtained.

Examinations and Technical Assistance

We offer technical support of an economic-financial nature to clients and their lawyers in various types of judicial and arbitration cases; we also act as court-appointed experts for the elaboration of technical evidence.

  • Economic and financial expert technical assistance
  • Economic and Financial Expertise


Contract Rebalancing

We analyze the need for an economic-financial rebalancing of contracts, estimating the amount and identifying the reasons and consequences of these imbalances, whether in concessions and PPPs, or in commercial and corporate disputes. We prepare calculations and suggested mechanisms for reviewing/rebalancing contracts.

Review of Prices and Tariffs

We provide technical advice and prepare reports and legal opinions in tariff review processes, evaluating adjustment/revision clauses, including complex technical procedures, such as calculation of the X Factor and estimation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC).


We provide a grounding or economic rationality in litigation involving the analysis of rules or procedures adopted in tax matters. We carry out analysis to optimize the payment of taxes in commercial activities and provide the economic basis for the defense of specific rules.

  • Tax Optimization
  • Tax Litigation
  • Tax impact analysis 
  • Business Purpose