Sectoral and Regional Analysis

We elaborate analysis and forecasts for the main sectors of the economy and for specific geographic areas of the client’s interest. These are tools that assist in the strategic planning of companies.

Analysis of Income and Consumption Groups

We analyze how the political-economic scenario affects the different classes of consumption, projecting comprehensive indicators of income and the evolution of the consumption baskets of each class. Such scenarios facilitate the design of strategies, production planning and the mapping of segmented consumer markets.

Regional Analysis

We offer economic scenarios that support the planning of operations across the national territory, providing an insight into the economic dynamics of the client’s field of activity. We elaborate estimates of economic activity for each of the federative units, as well as for areas of interest to the client.

Sectoral Analysis

We analyze the dynamics and trends of supply and demand in each sector, supporting clients in the areas of strategic planning, new business, credit, market intelligence and purchasing. Our coverage of various chains, combined with macroeconomic analysis, offers a complete and consistent solution through projections and scenarios for various sectors.

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