We develop studies to evaluate assets and contribute to the implementation of business opportunities. In several areas, we partner with experts to deliver the best solution for our clients. 

We also work in litigation involving legal, arbitration, tax, and administrative proceedings.

M&A Operations consultancy

We offer support to the structuring of corporate transactions, including valuation, feasibility studies and technical performance in favor of the selling or buying party.

Litigation assessment

We assess non-performing loans (NPL), both through usual economic-financial valuation processes and through the economic/econometric estimation of compensations to be received.

Economic and Financial Technical Feasibility Studies (EVTE)

Our studies integrate information about the investments to be made, the implementation budget (CAPEX), the main markets to be served, the sources of revenue and operating costs (OPEX), as well as the project taxation structure. They include:

  • Macroeconomic and sectoral analysis;
  • Demand studies;
  • Partnerships with specialized consulting companies.

Optimal Capital Structure

We work to define the ideal ratio of third-party capital (creditors) and equity (shareholders), which minimizes the weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

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ESG Integration to Financial Analysis

We’ve created an integrated vision of the company’s strategy, regarding economic-financial and socio-environmental aspects.

Valuation reports

Our reports present the market value of assets or companies for different purposes. Studies are also done on the socioeconomic benefits provided by projects. The following stand out:

  • Analysis of Economic-Financial Feasibility of Projects and Companies;
  • Economic-Financial Feasibility Assessment including ESG Criteria;
  • Valuations for the Purposes of Purchase and Sale of Assets (M&A);
  • Reports for Corporate Restructuring;
  • Fairness opinion.

Commercial and Hedge Optimization

We develop mathematical optimization models for companies that have the possibility to allocate their sales in various markets, external or internal.

Optimization in the payment of ICMS and other taxes

We develop mathematical optimization models, with an interactive and user-friendly interface, which encompass the multiplicity of interstate tax rates, freight costs and sales volumes.

Economic-financial contracts rebalancing

We technically support the review of contracts whose execution have become economically unfeasible including the analysis of economic reasons and economic-financial calculations.

Valuation for Regulatory Purposes

We produce assessment reports that meet current legislation and other regulatory requirements of the market:

  • Impairment Test – Reduction to the Recoverable Amount of Assets;
  • Fair Measurement Value;
  • CVM 579 Instruction;
  • Business Combination – Purchase Price  Allocation (PPA).