Latin American Alliance of Economic Consultancies
Formed in 2013, the Latin American Alliance of Economic Consultancies (LAECO) is a strategic partnership between independent and renowned economic consultancies in their respective countries, who collaborate to offer tailor-made and high-quality analysis and solutions about the region.

Agência Estado

News agency
Since 1998, Tendências has produced economic analyses for the Tendências Online, our service hosted on the Broadcast+ platform of Agência Estado, a leading company in the real-time economic information market.


Brazilian Association of Highway Concessionaires
The ABCR Activity Index was created in 2002, based on a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Highway Concessionaires (ABCR) and Tendências. The indicator measures the flow of vehicles from toll roads under private concession and has become a relevant indicator of the Brazilian economy’s performance, because shows strong correlation to the manufacturing activity. The importance of the ABCR Index was expanded with its incorporation in the calculation of GDP in 2012 by IBGE.


Public Leadership
The State Competitiveness Ranking, created by CLP - Public Leadership, is an important tool to generate diagnoses and directions for the performance of state governments in Brazil, in order to promote good practices in public administration. In 2015, in its fourth edition, Tendências became the technical responsible for the calculation of the ranking.


Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Tendências and Neoway have combined their expertise and know-how to create a powerful construction market monitoring and analysis system, the Monitor da Construção Civil (MCC). Through the MCC, analysts and managers from various sectors and market segments have access to a wide range of unprecedented indexes on the construction sector.
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