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Founded in 1996, Tendências Consultoria Integrada has established itself as a benchmark provider of solutions in economics and corporate finance. We are committed to helping clients understand economic issues and navigate the peculiarities of different industries, identifying risks and opportunities for business and investment. 

We have built our credibility on the quality of our technical analysis, combined with the knowledge and experience of our widely respected partners, relying on a team that boasts professionalism and a strong academic track record.  

We seek to evolve constantly to provide the most up-to-date solutions, integrating our knowledge on several branches of economics and finance and our expertise in the most pressing issues for companies and government bodies. 

Working under non-disclosure and exclusive agreements in most of our projects, we do not act in conflict of interest. Producing independent and unbiased opinions and analyses is vital for us. 

Tendências Consultoria Integrada continues to grow every day, thanks to the trust our clients place in us. We cover many sectors, such as On-Demand Studies, Corporate Finance, Macroeconomics and Sector Analysis.

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